Linux, Ceph, Openstack and Privacy Tech


20th July 2017

While I love to give things away for free and contribute to open source projects, I do need to make an income. Although I already work full time as a Open Source Cloud Engineer, I am always open to offers, side projects or bits of freelancing. I also have a few side businesses, which I will list below if you are interested. I don't make a huge effort to sell myself here, as the chances are if you are viewing this page, you already know my credentials will stack up.

If you are thinking about using any of the below services, use my Contact Me page to get in touch!

Newspaper/Radio/TV Appearances

I don't often charge for these, but expect you to cover reasonably incurred costs if it requires a lot of travel. However, I provide honest opinions and I am not known to mince my words, so please do not consider asking for my opinion on your product if you don't have any faith in it yourself.


I work with a vast array of technologies from regular System Administrator roles using CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu, to cloud systems with Ceph/Openstack and privacy enhancing technologies such as Tor and various cryptographic tools. For the right task, I can either get the job done or point you in the right direction.

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