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5th July 2017

I'm always open to new ideas and hearing your thoughts on any topics I've discussed, or ones you would like me to discuss on the blog. If you have an idea, feedback or just want to reach out to get the ball rolling for anything else, I can be contacted in a few ways.

Feedback and comments are always best placed on Social Media. This helps me out enormously with the extra views it can bring to the blog, and lets your own friends see material you've enjoyed and shared.

Please use XMPP for sensitive communications, as these are the only end-to-end secure means I list of communicating.



Email Me

For anything which does not require communication security, email is likely one of the best routes to contact me. If you don't hear back from me after a few days, try again or message me on an alternative channel as my spam filtering is quite strict.


In order to use XMPP with me, you must have the OTR (Off the Record) plugin installed, although I would recommend using Tor Messenger instead for your client which includes OTR and forces connections over Tor.

OTR Key: 6B753A19 06AEB33A 090AE4F9 3ECE253A 6D66DB62

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